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Broaden your player network worldwide with prompt, regulatory-compliant verification that eradicates fraudulent behavior A smooth and efficient identity verification process plays a crucial role in enhancing the user onboarding experience, allowing new players to swiftly and securely create accounts. For gaming companies operating in Mexico, this not only enables them to attract more players but also ensures compliance with the necessary regulations.


Players who have been verified from all corners of the world are onboarded. Upgrade the user experience to make players feel more welcome

Guarantee a high passing percentage and revenue are maintained. Time verifications to align with the user journey for optimal results.

Ensure that regulations are followed and fraudulent activities are prevented. Develop a reputable image with partners, clients, and regulatory bodies.

Boost Your Security: Identity Protection Is Essential For Online Gaming.

The gaming industry acknowledges the significance of identity verification, which is legally mandated to confirm the age of customers who are not physically present. In order to thwart identity theft and restrict underage access to age-restricted video games, gaming companies should incorporate comprehensive identity verification solutions into their current systems. These solutions encompass the ability to identify fraud related to identity, device usage, location, and user activity, thus minimizing risks and averting fraudulent activities.

Methods for verifying identity in the following situations:
  • Onboarding a new customer to your business
  • Processing credit card payments
  • Verifying eligibility for age-restricted content
online gaming
Player Onboarding That Is Quick
Abiding by the Law
Cost-Effective ROI

Reduce compliance and fraud challenges

Safeguard your company's financial assets and maintain its esteemed image by effectively countering fraudulent activities. KYC Mexico offers a reliable and secure verification system that is not only compliant but also user-friendly, making it an excellent choice for thwarting various forms of fraud.

Expedited user sign-up

Enhance the customer onboarding procedure by leveraging KYC Mexico's cutting-edge identity verification technologies. This advanced solution not only ensures a smoother experience for users but also safeguards against the unfortunate loss of newly acquired customers. By investing in efficient verification tools, businesses can prevent the unnecessary expenditure of marketing efforts while minimizing customer attrition caused by lengthy and exasperating processes.